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Follow The Money | A Guide To Sports Betting

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

General Housekeeping:

• Follow all of my bets on The Action Network App:

Abbreviations: L5 = Last Five, ATS = Against The Spread, SU = Straight Up, F5 = First 5, R/L = Run Line, 1H = 1st Half, 1Q = 1st Qtr, P/L = Puck Line, M/L = Money Line, Juice = Amount on a bet to get a certain number. X = Unit

I include plays in my weekly newsletter. I never guarantee a winning bet, nor do I bet massive amounts of money on sports. I have a strict unit amount and bet all games in units based on confidence. I will bet between 1-10 units on each play. You can determine your unit size by your bankroll. The easiest way to do that is as follows:

Take the maximum amount of money you want to risk on sports gambling per week and divide that by how many plays you average per week. I recommend downloading the Action Network App (Link is above) to help you track your bets. Just like running a business, keeping track of your numbers is crucial to success. If your weekly budget for "entertainment" is $100 and you bet 10 games a week, then your unit size would be $10 per game. So if you're picking 62% winners, which is where I average out at, over a year, you'll have a record of 322-198 (62%) and +124x or in this models case, up roughly $1,240 off a maximum $5,200 bet, which is a 23.8% ROI.

All plays are to win one unit (1x) Unless otherwise noted -- Follow at your own risk!

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