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The Madness of March | The NCAA Tournament

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

I have hit the ground running with the release of the NCAA Tournament bracket and I will continue to update via Twitter and Instagram which bets I end up placing as the lines move the closer we get to tip-off of these matchups. There are a few that I'm already liking as well as some future bets placed.

I see a ton of value on taking this Illinois team +500 (or whatever you can get it at) to win it all. I know everyone is going to be on Gonzaga or Baylor in their brackets, but Illinois is the hottest team in the country right now and I don't see anyone slowing them down and giving them a run for their money until Houston in the Elite 8.

I have attached below my "Bettor Bracket" with the odd lines of each matchup, except for the first four matchups. We can go ahead and assume that the 1 seeds that face the play-in 16 seeds will win, but the Michigan State / UCLA game is a great matchup on Thursday night. I will be on Michigan State ML, Appalachian State ML, Drake ML, and Mount St Mary's ML to get things started.

Bettor Bracket
Download PDF • 818KB

There are going to be a lot of plays I post via Instagram and Twitter, but my bracket itself is going to be attached. My bracket stays pretty consistent with KenPom and who should win the game (AKA who will be favored) so there's not a whole lot of upsets, I try to stay with who I think gives me the best odds at winning a bracket challenge, even though that's not really what I gear my research towards -- My goal is to win money on the individual games, which I have highlighted.

Below is attached my bracket, for those that are interested:

Below are a list of bets that I'm currently looking at placing closer to tip-off for the upcoming set of games along with their starting day and time [CST]:

Final Bracket - 2021
Download PDF • 532KB

[718] Michigan State ML (-135) [Thursday at 8:57 PM]

[738] Florida PK [Friday at 11:15 AM]

[736] Arkansas -9 [Friday at 11:45 AM]

[734] Texas Tech ML (-190) [Friday at 12:45 PM]

[739] Oral Roberts +17 [Friday at 2:00 PM]

[744] Loyola-Chicago ML (-135) [Friday at 3:00 PM]

[748] Oklahoma State -7 [Friday at 5:25 PM]

[728] North Carolina ML (-125) [Friday at 6:10 PM]

[732] Purdue -7 [Friday at 6:25 PM]

[753] Rutgers ML (-120) [Friday at 8:20 PM]

[750] San Diego St ML (-155) [Friday at 8:40 PM]

[729] Winthrop +7 [Friday at 8:57 PM]

[785] NC Greensboro +11 [Saturday 11:45 AM]

[781] LSU ML (-125) [Saturday at 12:45 PM]

[793] Iona +17 [Saturday at 3:00 PM]

[792] UConn ML (-155) [Saturday at 6:10 PM]

[769] Ohio +8 [Saturday at 6:15 PM]

[766] Oklahoma ML (-130) [Saturday at 6:25 PM]

[776] Oregon -5 [Saturday at 8:57 PM]

Again, these are the list of games that I'm looking at, I'm not saying go bet all of these right now at their current lines. I will post the actual bets I'm placing closer to game time. These are just matchups that I find compelling and I think I can find value in the lines, depending on how they move.

Stay tuned and make sure you're following me @GrissomBets on Twitter and Instagram.

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